Guarding Against Plagiarism: Tips for Clients Seeking Genuine Interior Design

In today’s tech landscape, numerous businesses encounter plagiarism challenges. With the simplicity of taking screenshots, claiming work as one’s own has become effortless. Unfortunately, not all images you see posted on  social media platforms are authentic and original.  In fact, some may post pictures that are not just their own work, but rather, they may […]

Do You Need An Interior Designer Or Decorator?

Yesterday I was a Fool, Today I am Wiser- Nina Amir The beginning of this month marked April Fools’ Day, but the day of  pranks is over. At Creative Studios Limited, we aim to clarify our exact role, as we are frequently mistaken for interior decorators.   When asked, our Principal Interior Designer @Sandra A. […]

Sandra’s Insights on Balancing Global Inspiration and Local Roots

The first quarter of this month was marked with travel and exposure, propelling me from the halls of Dar es Salaam International Academy (DIA) to the streets of Nairobi.  I had the opportunity to attend the Brazil Multi-Sectoral Trade Mission in Nairobi, which was organised by CECIEx right after wrapping up a talk at DIA […]

Poetry In Design: As We Create

Like skilled sculptors, spaces we mould, With thought-out floor plans, realities unfold With creativity that is undefiled, Imaginations running wild,, We find God’s grace  As we create.    Like captivating writers who tell a story, we sharpen our pens, in spaces is our glory In every corner, and every nook, A story is told, like […]


Happy International Happiness Day!  We are so excited to share this article with you where we give you insight into the bustling world of interior design and the joy it brings! To us, “Joy the job” is not just a mantra or a fun saying, it’s a foundational principle. At Creative Limited Studios, a leading […]

Honouring Women’s Month : Reflections of a Founder

 As the founder of Creative Studios Limited, I often find myself reminiscing about the journey that led me to where I am today. The dreams and the challenges that have shaped the reality of Creative Studios Limited. I couldn’t have reached this point alone. Today, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the incredible […]

Sustainable Design Quiz

In our quiz today you will note some questions that are more correlated towards architecture, which is a crucial aspect of interior design.  As interior design professionals, we also look at architectural principles as these influence our designs and play a significant role in shaping our design ideas and concepts.     In this, the goal […]

Celebrating International Mother Language Day

At Creative Studios Limited, we conduct business in English when it comes to all our papertrail.  It is afterall the official business language.  However when we are in the studio, on the phone and in our client’s spaces, half of our business is conducted in our mother tongue – Kiswahili. And today, on Mother Language […]

Falling in Love With Your Space: A Before and After Home Renovation

Happy Valentine’s Day!    Today, it’s all about celebrating love! And there’s nothing like a stunning transformation to showcase the undeniable potential that exists within a space, that is precisely where we started with this penthouse project we completed in Upanga to create a space filled with love in a home that was longing for […]

Dreams to Concrete Designs- We are hiring!

As we usher in a new year our doors are open to aspiring interior designers, last year when we began our search to expand our team the response was overwhelming. We were met with a myriad of portfolios. However, a crucial observation emerged. The submissions showed a clear lack of  strong portfolios with designs that […]