Poetry In Design: As We Create

Poetry In Design: As We Create

Like skilled sculptors, spaces we mould,

With thought-out floor plans, realities unfold

With creativity that is undefiled,

Imaginations running wild,,

We find God’s grace 

As we create. 


Like captivating writers who tell a story,

we sharpen our pens, in spaces is our glory

In every corner, and every nook,

A story is told, like it is a book

We sing God’s praise

As we create.


Bare spaces, as our starting ground,

Blueprints laid, and let creativity abound.

Textures whisper secrets, patterns ask to play,

Colours speak in the night and the light of day.

We celebrate our passions

As we create.


Colour, balance, contrast, layered, elevated

Armoire, balustrade, rhythm, bespoke, curated

Faux, Bauhaus, ergonomics, focal point, lighting

Scale, proportion, eclectic, design concept, inviting

You will hear us say

As we create


Between the tall ceilings and barricading walls

Resides a storytelling refined style that calls

Of glam, luxury, opulence and sumptuousness,

Of classics, havens, warmth and coziness,

Where memories live in every form.

When we create


Each space ready to house, memories yet to spread.

Each space a story is written in a thread

tears unshed, laughter shared,

successes cheered, couples paired,

Life’s reflection we find

When we create


Interior designers, we are,

in the art of our craft we find,

The beauty of the human mind.

Let us raise our inventive brushes high,

And paint the canvas of the eye.

So for you, let us create


  • Sandra Aikaruwa Mushi



This is a poem written by Sandra Aikaruwa Mushi, the Principal Designer of Creative Studios Limited and  Author of Rhythm of my Rhyme, ‘Stains on my Khanga’’, and the upcoming Mbegu: The Seed and ‘Sandie And The Cat’ .  Poetry in Design: As We Create celebrates the poetry of Interior Design. 


Like poetry, interior design possesses the power to transcend the boundaries of language and speak to the soul. A well-designed space can convey emotions, tell stories, and evoke memories without the need for words. And just as a poem can resonate with readers through its imagery and symbolism so can a well designed space. 


Want more poetry in your everyday space? Consult us and let us get you on your way! Call us at : +255 222772270, or email us: info@creativestudios.co.tz, let’s collaborate to craft a space that tells your story. 


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