When Sandra feels inspired and has time, she either writes or paints. Thus far Sandra enjoys painting acrylic on canvas. With the girl child being her passion, her paintings also celebrate women. The captions that have accompanied her artwork hereunder are excerpts from some of her (published and unpublished) poems.

"Who am I" from The Rythmn of My Rhyme

I am a woman who understand that life is what you make it
I am a woman who understands that we are made by life, shaped, and sometimes even broken
I am a woman who learns more about herself everyday
I am my own woman in the hope of not losing herself
To hold a life in my hands as it is my own
For what makes me is what’s inside


The Rousing Kiss

As the rousing kiss is given
His promises licking her
Holding on to his every want
Surrendering to his every need
Straddling to his very riches
Moaning a thousand accords
Her moans loud and shameless
She spread herself to him
As on his bed she laid

“Paranoic View”

I have seen life in a new view
Every morning I wake up from my darkness
Of shadows dancing on cracked eggshell walls
I hear ambulances and sirens and wish for visions from the angels
But no one can give my answers to the question that grip me
Could it be a bloody conspiracy that destroys my every function?
In my jam like a quintessence of a man managing
I try to live my life and not let it stall
Above trees owls watch while hawks circle around
Below little orphans cry as they kiss the unearthly air
As we connect, the darkness lullabies me to sleep
I hug myself, waiting for tomorrow
For another view

“As I Am” from The Rhythmn of My Rhyme

Accept me
Love me
Respect me
Support me
Acknowledge me
As I am

I am me
I am His
I have a self
I have a name
Take me
As I am

“There is Hope” from Stains On My Khanga

I exhale
There is life.

Seeds are sown
Flowers grow
Streams flow
Winds blow

For I know
There is life

“My Blackness” from Stains On My Khanga

My blackness
is a million belly laughters from my soul
is a thousand glimmering smiles from my eyes
And a hundred soulful songs from my heart

My blackness
is the support of many women
is the strength of many men
is the Creator who walks with me

My blackness reflects me represents me
My blackness Is my depth

“Is it love, lust or infatuation” from The Rhythmn Of My Rhyme

Is it love, lust or infatuation?
The question is, if it’s a myth or manipulation,
Then why do we buy it on every occasion?
We buy it because we are slaves to our own emotions,
We buy it because we are dreamers, or is it an hallucination,
We buy it because whether it’s myth or manipulation
We all want to fall in love and drink this potion

“My Turn To Stand” from Stains On My Khanga

I stand with fury and flame.
I stand shouting out my name
I stand and speak openly of the same

I will not be controlled
I will not be manipulated
I will not be plundered

Free are my thick lips
Free are my heavy hips
Free are my mammary dips

“She Walks” from Stains On My Khanga

She walks the earth
Pushed through the soils
With confidence and grace
With her head held up high
She speaks the haughty truth of her position
Without doubt or hesitation
Her wild spirit tempered by wisdom
Her life her own creation

“Reflections” from Stains On My Khanga

I am more than
the rhythmic undulation of
my swaying hips and thighs

I am more than
the sun kissed reflections of
my full lips and eyes

I am more than
the intoxicating promise from
my bright smiles and sighs