The Team Behind The Team

Behind the CREATIVE STUDIOS ladies are many brothers, who are builders, tilers, joiners, carpenters, electrician, plumbers, mechanical engineers, iron workers, photographers, 3dimensional designers, creative designers, auditors et al as well as priests and pastors who pray for and with us.

This team behind the team help in making our projects the success that they are, with their respective teams behind them. With their critical roles to play, they work relentlessly to ensure that every detail is perfect.

CREATIVE STUDIOS believe in camaraderie, a tight knit team that come with this boutique firm. With this everybody is expected to pitch in, and such everybody’s respective impact is noticeable. In this, it is easier to see everybody’s individual ideas become fruitful and there is always room to broaden one’s skills and get valuable experience.

CREATIVE STUDIOS has learned that a close working environment can also ease pressure for graduates who are new to the working world. After all, it is easier to ask questions and request help when one is close with her coworkers.