Guarding Against Plagiarism: Tips for Clients Seeking Genuine Interior Design

Guarding Against Plagiarism: Tips for Clients Seeking Genuine Interior Design

In today’s tech landscape, numerous businesses encounter plagiarism challenges. With the simplicity of taking screenshots, claiming work as one’s own has become effortless. Unfortunately, not all images you see posted on  social media platforms are authentic and original.  In fact, some may post pictures that are not just their own work, but rather, they may have been taken from other sources without permission or proper attribution. 

At Creative Limited Studios, we’ve encountered this issue on platforms like Instagram, where screenshots of our projects have been posted on multiple accounts. We’ve taken proactive steps by reporting such accounts to Instagram There were several instances where we received feedback that our work had been spotted somewhere. However, on a few of those occasions, the person giving us the feedback could not recall specific details about the poster. This made it difficult for us to determine where our work was displayed and whether it was getting the desired attention.

So, how can you, our prospective clients, differentiate between plagiarised content and authentic work?

  1. Can I review your portfolio? Requesting specific examples of past projects allows you to see the range of the designer’s capabilities and the types of spaces they have worked on. 

Take the time to review the portfolios of interior designers you’re considering. Look for consistency in style. Pay attention to the quality of photographs too.

2. Do you have any references I could contact? Request references from past clients and read testimonials to gauge the designer’s reputation and level of professionalism. Genuine designers will have satisfied clients who can vouch for their work.

3. Are you affiliated with any professional organisations or associations? Membership in reputable interior design organisations can often indicate a commitment to industry standards and ethics, as well as ongoing professional development.

4. What is your process for handling design revisions and client feedback?  Do not be afraid to ask prospective designers about their design process, from initial concepts to final execution. A genuine designer will be able to articulate their creative process and provide insights into how they approach each project uniquely.

5. Tell me about what inspired this design? Inquire about the sources of inspiration for the designer’s work. Ideally the original designer should be able to articulate their influences and demonstrate how they incorporate original ideas into their designs.

6. Is it possible to request access to the original design files of a posted image? When doing due diligence, consider requesting access to original design files or sketches which form part of the project deliverables. This can provide assurance that the work is original and not plagiarised from elsewhere else. 

7.Conduct an image reverse search. This can be done simply by using Google Images or TinEye. By uploading or pasting the image URL into the search bar, you can quickly identify instances where the image has been used elsewhere on the internet. This approach helps you determine if design ideas or images are truly the designers own and haven’t been copied from elsewhere.

This is an image of a bourbon lounge we designed for a house that we will soon be fitting out in Mbweni.  After receiving the architectural drawings we realised that there was this corner space by the staircase that could not be used but had to be used.  After sitting down with the client to receive his brief, we then learnt that the client enjoyed his glass of bourbon while listening to jazz. This corner was then designed to be a bourbon lounge, with the opposite side being a compliment pyjama lounge.  

Jazz culture and bourbon have always shared a deep connection.  No matter which jazz musician is your favourite, or which choice you make when it comes to your pour, jazz and whiskey are forever intertwined, and will always make beautiful music together. This is where the inspiration was drawn from.


At Creative Studios our design process, transparency and collaboration are key elements. We ensure that every aspect of the design, from the initial concept layout and mood board to material schedules, detailed construction drawings, and bills of quantities, is shared with the client for their input and approval. Each step of the way, the client is actively involved and must provide sign-off before proceeding to the next phase. This ensures that the final outcome aligns perfectly with their vision and expectations.

By asking thoughtful questions and conducting thorough research you can mitigate the risk of working with plagiarisers. Remember, investing in genuine design expertise yields long-lasting and truly satisfying results for your space. 

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