Honouring Women’s Month : Reflections of a Founder

Honouring Women’s Month : Reflections of a Founder

 As the founder of Creative Studios Limited, I often find myself reminiscing about the journey that led me to where I am today. The dreams and the challenges that have shaped the reality of Creative Studios Limited. I couldn’t have reached this point alone. Today, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the incredible team that has been by my side throughout this journey.

Throughout the years I have worked alongside some of the most talented and brilliant minds in the industry, the majority of them being women. From the visionary senior project manager & quantity surveyor, Sylvia Mtendamema to our assistant project manager & quantity surveyor, Doreen Ituwe and our office manager & accountant, Faith Masuki each member of our team has played a vital role in shaping Creative Studios Limited into what it is today – Happy Women’s month to you, ladies!

The inception of Creative Studios Limited was not just about creating a company; it was about manifesting a culture where creativity thrives and where all the staff are encouraged to unleash their potential. 

The journey began with a flicker of inspiration—an idea that ignited a fire within me while I was still at design school The  Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa. I vividly remember the countless nights I spent meticulously planning, dreaming, and envisioning what Creative Studios Limited would become.


Like any entrepreneurial endeavour, the path was fraught with obstacles. Running a business is not an easy task.  The most challenging aspect of building a business, I would say, is building a team that is both passionate, driven and trustworthy. Finding the right individuals who share the same level of commitment towards achieving your goals and are aligned with your vision takes considerable time and effort. Unfortunately, it has been observed that some young people are not prepared for the realities of work. At Creative Studios Limited, we have high expectations and some young employees have found it too demanding, leading to a sudden drop-off during the probation period. Such a situation is a setback as it requires us to restart the search process again.

It is sad that many youths do not think about the legacy they leave behind; they do not seem to think that with every project, they are building a reputation.  You will find many opting for satisfactory and detailed drawings. 

It’s crucial for young individuals to think about the impact they’ll leave behind and acknowledge that every endeavour contributes to their reputation. Prioritising the creation of quick and easy 3D renders over detailed and satisfactory 2D drawings hardly focuses on quality and completeness.

It’s regrettably not uncommon for parents to have differing perspectives on their children’s career goals and aspirations. It becomes even more disheartening when, after years of dedication and success in their chosen field, a child’s dreams are unexpectedly thwarted. We’ve witnessed instances where parents have urged their children to resign from newly acquired positions within months of employment to assume management roles in the family business. While such occurrences have been rare, they have posed inconveniences and incurred significant costs, leaving a notable impact.

The construction industry is widely recognized as a male-dominated sector, with most of the workers being men. It has been a challenge for our team to establish ourselves as respected and authoritative figures in this industry, especially with the older male fundis who have been working in this sector for many years. We have had to put in a tremendous amount of effort and hard work to earn their respect. Through our dedication and diligence, we have managed to gain their trust and recognition as their supervisors and employers.

In a company led by women, where women often juggle their professional responsibilities with caretaking duties at home, their work can face interruptions due to the demands of household responsibilities. These challenges highlight the balancing act many women navigate in the working world. However, when a woman is afforded opportunities to thrive professionally, the benefits extend to all of us.

One of our greatest challenges was in carving out our niche in the East African market. Standing out seemed like an insurmountable task. However, we refused to be confined by the status quo. Instead, we embraced innovation, pushing the boundaries of creativity to offer something truly unique and high end.

Another challenge I encountered in the beginning was overcoming self-doubt and fear of failure. I mentioned this in my most recent talk at DIA and B2B Africa. The journey of entrepreneurship is riddled with uncertainty, and there were moments when the weight of responsibility felt overwhelming. Yet, it was during these moments of doubt that we found strength in our collective vision and the unwavering support of our community.

Today, as I reflect on the journey I want to encourage all women in business to embrace their inner strength and resilience. It’s important for women to acknowledge themselves and validate their own career ambitions, regardless of what field they are in. I urge you to dream big, believe in yourself, and never be afraid to take risks. Your journey may be filled with challenges, but remember, it is in overcoming these challenges that we truly discover our strength and potential. (I speak that from experience).

At Creative Studios Limited, we’ve celebrated countless victories—big and small—and I am filled with gratitude for every twist and turn along the way. This article is dedicated to the incredible women who have supported my vision and been resilient amidst the challenges we faced. In the end, the story of Creative Studios Limited is not just my story—it is our story of resilience and the incredible moments of women uplifting other women. I am filled with excitement for the adventures that lie ahead.

Creative Studios Limited prides itself on offering a comprehensive range of services aimed at bringing our clients’ visions to life. Our design services include: concept development, 3-dimensional visuals to fit-out services encompassing interior construction, MEP works, and project management, we ensure seamless coordination and superior results. Whether it’s a residential renovation, commercial fit-out, or hospitality project, we approach each endeavour with creativity, passion, and attention to detail. 

With our diverse range of services and unwavering commitment to excellence, we look forward to transforming spaces and exceeding expectations, one project at a time.


Consult us and let us get you on your way! Call us at : +255 222772270, or email us: info@creativestudios.co.tz, let’s collaborate to craft a space that tells your story. 

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