Do You Need An Interior Designer Or Decorator?

Do You Need An Interior Designer Or Decorator?

Yesterday I was a Fool, Today I am Wiser- Nina Amir

The beginning of this month marked April Fools’ Day, but the day of  pranks is over. At Creative Studios Limited, we aim to clarify our exact role, as we are frequently mistaken for interior decorators.


When asked, our Principal Interior Designer @Sandra A. Mushi, uses this analogy, “When you flip a building upside down, and all the decorations and furnishings fall away, what’s left is the essence of space, and that is interior design.”  


Most people spend up to 90% of their time indoors. The job of an interior designer is to  minimise health, safety, and welfare risks within indoor environments as well as enhance functionality, optimise space utilisation, and create aesthetically pleasing and comfortable living or working environments.


As interior designers we design for functionality and not just aesthetics, we make sure the space we are designing aligns with the needs and activities of its occupants. This involves careful consideration of traffic flow, ergonomic principles, accessibility requirements, and the efficient use of available resources. We aim to foster environments that promote productivity, comfort, and well-being while also reflecting the unique personalities and preferences of the individuals who inhabit them. 

As an interior designer, your work bridges the gap between architecture and industrial design. You need to possess a wide range of skills, from building design to furniture design. Essentially, you are responsible for creatively solving three-dimensional design problems within the context of buildings. 

To be a successful interior designer, you must be knowledgeable about materials and understand their potential in construction. Additionally, you should possess strong communication skills to effectively convey your design concepts. 

Your expertise as an interior designer should extend to designing and detailing the interior of multi-storey buildings, conducting in-depth research on technical details and bespoke joinery. You should also be capable of designing internal building alterations that align with appropriate interior design solutions. Your skills should include managing both public and private sectors within the built environment.

Interior design encompasses a broad range of tasks, including space planning, architectural detailing, material selection, lighting design, and coordination with architects and contractors. We work closely with clients to understand your requirements, preferences, and budget constraints. We create comprehensive design plans and oversee the implementation of the project from concept to completion.

Interior decorator on the other hand, are more focused on the aesthetics and visual appeal of interior spaces. It involves selecting and arranging furniture, accessories, colour schemes, and decorative elements to enhance the look and feel of a room or space.


Interior designers are trained to design and decorate spaces, while interior decorators can only decorate.  In summary, interior designers have a more comprehensive skill set and are qualified to design and decorate spaces, while interior decorators focus primarily on decorating and do not have the technical training required for interior design.

At Creative Studios Limited, we offer both services. The client who needs an interior designer rather than a decorator typically requires assistance with more comprehensive aspects of interior design beyond surface-level decoration. Here are some indicators to help you determine if you need an interior designer rather than an interior decorator.

  1. You are facing major renovations or new construction projects. We assist with spatial planning, layout optimisation, material selection, and coordination with architects and contractors.
  2. You are thinking of undertaking structural modifications, such as removing walls, changing the building’s configurations, or adding new architectural elements. Our design changes are integrated into the overall space.
  3. If you need knowledge of building codes and regulations.  We ensure that designs comply with safety, accessibility, and environmental requirements, minimising the risk of costly errors or legal issues down the line all while developing comprehensive design concepts that consider your lifestyle, preferences, and long-term goals. 


Further to this, we also offer quantity surveying and project management services.  So your project does not end at just the detailed construction drawings, but we go as far as preparing detailed finishing materials and furniture schedules and bills of quantities based on these detailed technical drawings, and detailed work programmes.  In project management, our skilled team of quantity surveyors coordinate all facets of our fit-out installation projects, from pre-construction to the completed structure. This involves the management of people and resources to control the scope, cost, quality and time of a construction project throughout the project’s life cycle.

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