Happy International Happiness Day!  We are so excited to share this article with you where we give you insight into the bustling world of interior design and the joy it brings!

To us, “Joy the job” is not just a mantra or a fun saying, it’s a foundational principle. At Creative Limited Studios, a leading provider of design in Dar es Salaam, we have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of a positive work environment.

We are often asked which project we consider to be our best or most significant achievement, but to us, each project holds a special place as each one has brought us joy upon completion.  When we are faced with challenges, we are appreciative of the lessons learnt and likewise when things go smoothly, then we are grateful of the peace it brings.  At the end, every project well done and solution found brings us joy.

With our projects, we often find ourselves wracking our heads and thinking outside the box trying to find solutions.  A time we will never forget is when our Principal, flew back from South Africa with four pieces of 1500mm tiles for one of project Ndunguru’s bathrooms but when clearing them, it was learnt that they had not been handled carefully as they had been marked and instead they were broken.  The Creative Studios Limited team were of course distraught when they unpacked the tiles, but had to find a solution using the same broken pieces of tiles.  And we managed to accomplish this with triumphant success.

Another memorable moment is when we finished installing carpet tiles sourced from South Africa and  realised that we had overlooked the installation of floor boxes in two meeting rooms. Unfortunately, we did not have any extra carpet tiles, except for a few pieces of wastage. We immediately summoned the electrical engineer and carpet installer to the site that very evening, and we ended up spending the entire weekend rectifying the issue. That following Monday, during a site inspection, when all was done,  the client was unaware that we had spent a sleepless night there.

It’s in these moments where our dedication and quick problem-solving skills truly shine. Despite the unexpected setback, we rallied together as a team, putting in extra hours and effort to make things right. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drove us to ensure that every detail was perfected, even if it meant sacrificing our own time and comfort. This experience taught us the importance of thorough planning and attention to detail, reminding us that challenges are inevitable but surmountable with determination and teamwork.

We’ll  always remember the palpable joy on the faces of the team as we completed the brainstorming sessions to the Crowe Horwath project. The client had already received several proposals all with corridors, so when we told them that we will design that 800sqm corporate space with hardly any corridor.  This presented unique challenges and opportunities, pushing us to think outside the box and push the boundaries of innovation.

We had fun experimenting with incorporating the logo and other patterns into our designs, until we finally created the branding glass etching design. The team voiced out ideas and collaborated with the supporting consultants on the final desired result. The Crowe Horwath project not only showcased our team’s talent and expertise but also reinforced our commitment to delivering excellence in everything we do. It served as a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations.

Our greatest joy, however, comes when a client reviews our proposed designs and realises that we have been successful in bringing every detail to life, and even exceeding their expectations. After the time of installation when they finally understood why we insisted on specifying a Hansgrohe faucet, Duravit sanitary ware, Jotun walls, Porcelanosa tiles, LeGrand switches or Knauf ceilings. It’s when they recognise the genuine value in everything we offer, expressing appreciation, and subsequently reaching out for another project or referring us to a friend.

We recognise that our greatest asset is our people and we hold a simple yet powerful belief: every project, no matter its scale or complexity, has the potential to inspire joy!  Whether we’re conceptualising a cutting-edge workspace, crafting a bespoke interior, or bringing a client’s vision to life, our approach is rooted in the relentless pursuit of excellence and the unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations.

Team dynamics play a pivotal role in creating a great working environment and as it is, we are looking to expand our design team and are always available for mentorship. (Click here to learn more).  As a creative family, we believe in keeping the lines of communication wide open, encouraging everyone on the team to share their ideas and perspectives. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, and we cherish the fact that our team is made up of individuals from various backgrounds, bringing diverse expertise and experiences to the table. But what truly unites us is our shared passionate love for innovation and excellence. It’s this common passion that drives us forward and makes our work environment so vibrant and fulfilling.

At Creative Studios Limited, joy isn’t just something that happens by chance; it’s intentional. It’s in this environment that sparks fly, ideas take shape, and dreams come true. As we keep striving for innovation and excellence, we’re dedicated to making sure that joy accompanies us every step of the way, project by project.

And we want to make your design dreams a reality too! Consult us and let us get you on your way! Call us at : +255 22 2772270, or email us:, let’s collaborate to craft a space that tells your story.

The Crowe Horwath project not only showcased our team’s talent and expertise but also reinforced our commitment to delivering excellence in everything we do.


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