Celebrating International Mother Language Day

At Creative Studios Limited, we conduct business in English when it comes to all our papertrail.  It is afterall the official business language.  However when we are in the studio, on the phone and in our client’s spaces, half of our business is conducted in our mother tongue – Kiswahili. And today, on Mother Language […]

Falling in Love With Your Space: A Before and After Home Renovation

Happy Valentine’s Day!    Today, it’s all about celebrating love! And there’s nothing like a stunning transformation to showcase the undeniable potential that exists within a space, that is precisely where we started with this penthouse project we completed in Upanga to create a space filled with love in a home that was longing for […]

Dreams to Concrete Designs- We are hiring!

As we usher in a new year our doors are open to aspiring interior designers, last year when we began our search to expand our team the response was overwhelming. We were met with a myriad of portfolios. However, a crucial observation emerged. The submissions showed a clear lack of  strong portfolios with designs that […]

Crafting More Than Design

Anyone who knows me  knows that I’m not simply driven by dedication to my craft, I operate on faith and I take the time to celebrate my wins. As the founder of Creative Studios Limited, I recently found myself in the luxurious halls of the Kigali Convention Centre, in Rwanda. Participating in the  TIME100 Summit […]


Just like Mount Kilimanjaro, which is Tanzania’s pride and joy, boldly taking up space and boasting its beauty, as interior designers, we think in terms of scale, proportion, balance, form, and shape. When it comes to scale and proportion as an interior designer starting a project from scratch, we prioritise harmonising functionality with aesthetics. Ensuring […]

Banking on Brilliance: Crafting Innovative Spaces for Africa’s Financial Frontier

Happy International Bank Day! Bank Day holds special significance for us at Creative Studios Limited. As designers, we reflect on the integral role space plays in shaping the identity and functionality of institutions, and today, we focus on banks in particular. We take this opportunity to celebrate our commitment to crafting innovative and purposeful spaces […]

Designing For Different Generations

Each generation, from Baby Boomers to Millennials and Gen Z, possesses unique tastes, lifestyles, and requirements and we have had the privilege of working with all the above mentioned generations.  During a home renovation, we worked closely with both  Gen Z and Gen Alpha clients to create their ideal bedroom that incorporated their taste in […]

Test Your Knowledge on Multifunctional Spaces

We are back with another one! We were thrilled with the responses we received from the last quiz entitled “Defining Your Personal Style” .Unfortunately most of our responses came in the form whatsapp messages, and while we love that you took the time to get to know your personal style, we would appreciate it if […]

Interior Design and Film

Anyone who knows me well will have at one point or another either, watched a movie with me or heard me talk about the interior design elements of a film I’ve watched. Although I’m really not much of a film watcher I will confess that while I do pay attention to the storyline I can’t […]

Designing For Cities

Habari Ndugu!  I trust you are all well. I am writing this to you on this significant occasion of World Cities Day.  I am compelled to share my thoughts on a subject very close to my heart: Urban Development through Design Excellence. My journey as a design expert, an international exam verifier, a pan African […]