Stay Safe, Stay Corona Virus Free, Stay Interiors

Stay Safe, Stay Corona Virus Free, Stay Interiors

We trust we are all well, in spite of the Coronavirus fever, we are rising above it all with hope.

With the terrible threat of the coronavirus pandemic becoming very real each passing day with the rapidly rising caseloads around the globe, we at Creative Studios Limited have opted to try and stay safe, since as individuals we can influence the trajectory of the epidemic. Such we will not be in the office, but instead we will be available virtually while working from our respective homes. But it will very much be business as usual – thanks to God for technology that allows us to continue working and being effective.

Having said this, in helping us to stay safe, we hereby ask our clients and contractors that in keeping (site) visits limited, if therefore we can pull together queries, need for instructions and need for our approval that will need us to visit our respective sites if they can all be done at a go. In doing so, we are hoping in not only keeping our team safe but our clients and colleagues too.

So with the uncertainty unleashed by the spread of COVID-19, and as we join the government and health authorities in trying to curb the spread of COVID-19, we are taking all the measures until when the situation comes under control. In the meanwhile, we will all be available on phone and email as usual; and all emails to any team member should be copied to

In the meanwhile, as interior architecture designers and professionals of the built environment, we will contemplating on how – through better designs that proactively protect our health and safety – our designs can fight such pandemics and the containments thereof.

Let us stay safe and trust in prayers. Through this we will move together, with God’s help.

Stay safe. Stay blessed.

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