Rethinking the Standards

Rethinking the Standards

There are designers who absolutely become undone when it comes to textiles or even basic construction.  All they want to do is pair perfectly curated fabric to your upholstery.  On the other side of the spectrum are more technical designers, who enjoy the understanding and application of building codes.  The beautiful thing too is that those two instances don’t have to be separate. They can be combined and the result is what we call Interior Architecture Design. This is what the amazing women within the walls of the Creative Studios Limited offices proudly do.

The word amazing suits these “interior architecture designers” perfectly as it is basically a magic show they put on for every project they get their hands on.  Transforming what can be viewed as lines running up and down on a paper with circles and boxes here and there, and numbers to accentuate the whole thing; into an exquisite, divine and tasteful space is nothing short of amazing.

Their identity as interior architectural designers rely on way more than the decor and soft furnishings, it involves technical as well as artistic and aesthetic skills. If they were to list all their titles under their email signature, it would look like this;

“Interior architecture designer, interior designer, interior architect, interior stylist, interior decorator, project manager, problem solver, decor consultant, paint colour specialist, budget balancer, sales, marketing, mental catalogue for furniture and décor, design software whizz, talented hand holder …”

Despite being in the design and construction industry for years these ladies are still called decorators.  Although the confusion is in the terms, the client is trusting an interior architecture designer with the common problems of managing a construction site, selecting finishes AND most importantly communicating with them when things look a little hairy. The honour is in the ownership, opportunity and relationship, not necessarily the title.

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