MG Hotel & Apartments

MG Hotel Apartments, that is off Kanisa Road in Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam were completed in 2016. The works involved architecture design and builders’ works, construction supervision of serviced apartments of three (3) townhouses with three (3) bedrooms each, four (4) apartments with two (2) bedroom each, a pool house bar and a gym.

The client wanted an establishment where guests would enjoy the privacy and comfort of a home with the convenience and efficiency of a high-end hotel. The architectural layout that CREATIVE STUDIOS came up with was that of ample sampled serviced aparthotel, where guests can work, relax and revel.

The architectural design made sure the guests got to fully enjoy their stay, with all the apartments having ample-sized terraces as well as scenic garden views. The apartments sit on a 1,900 square meter plot.