Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator

Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator

Quite a lot of clients reach out to us not clearly understanding what exactly it is that we do. So you have decided to make a few changes at your home, and you realize that you are going to need a bit of help. You begin looking for possible services and find that some professionals describe their work as interior designer while others are interior decorators.

Suddenly you are faced with new questions, namely, “What’s the difference?” And more importantly, “Which one do I need?”

Interior design and interior decorating are often mistaken as the same thing, but the terms are not completely interchangeable.

There are many similarities between the two jobs – so many, in fact, that opinions vary on exactly where to draw the distinction. There are also more than a few differences between the professions – some subtle, some significant.

As you decide which kind of help you need when planning changes in your home, it will help to understand the differences between professional designers and decorators – their schooling, the credentialing, their services, and their clientele.

So who should you hire?

There are varied descriptions explaining the differences between interior designers and decorators. There is some overlap in interior design and interior decorating, but they are fundamentally different.

Hiring interior designers is your best choice if you are working on a newly constructed building or on a remodel which require guidance beyond aesthetics. Interior designers will help your build and create your space from the ground up.

If you are in need of structural changes, including removing a wall, moving plumbing, adding new windows or doors, interior designers are generally a better choice, since interior designers can also plan for significant structural changes. Interior designers operate by working directly with architects and builders. An interior designer understands the building plan and designs to conform to it.  On the other hand, if there are no structural changes needed but you need aesthetic help—deciding on a style; choosing wallpaper, paint, and furnishings; picking window treatments, and choosing lighting and accessories—an interior decorator will probably do the trick. Experienced decorators know what works together and can transform a room to suit a client’s needs and desires.

Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment. These solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants and are aesthetically attractive.

The main focus of an interior designer is creating functional, safe, efficient and beautiful spaces. While interior decorators focus on furnishings or adorning a space aesthetically. To put it briefly, interior designers may decorate, but interior decorators can not design.

So, if there are no structural changes needed, interior decorators work best for your necessities. If you are in need of another set of savvy eyes to help bring your design inspiration to life, hiring interior designers can be your right choice.

Experienced decorators know what complements which and can transform a room to a suit a client’s necessities and taste.

A decorator takes over after the construction has been materialized. They enhance the look and feel with their proficiency include selecting colour schemes, furnishings, flooring, accessories. Their work do not necessarily affect the structural properties of the building and therefore only has a superficial effect to the overall space.

When hiring a professional, either a designer or a decorator, start with clearly understanding your own needs and desires. Then look for a professional who has proven reputation for meeting your needs.


Source: The Spruce

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  1. Thanks my dear sister for putting this straight as the confusion between the two fields is well stuck in the mind of the majority many believing its the same thing.

    The next topic we will tell the difference between an Architect na Mchoraji wa Ramani ha ha ha.


    1. Aksante, Jimmy! We appreciate your kind words. We’re here to clarify any confusion and ensure our clients have a clear understanding of our services. We will definitely consider your article topic. Looking forward to discussing more interesting topics with you soon!

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