Interior Design and Film

Interior Design and Film

Anyone who knows me well will have at one point or another either, watched a movie with me or heard me talk about the interior design elements of a film I’ve watched. Although I’m really not much of a film watcher I will confess that while I do pay attention to the storyline I can’t help but take in the interior design elements in a film. I simultaneously wonder how the villain will get caught, yet I also wonder what role colour theory and psychology played on the set or how a certain detail on the set was designed and fitted. 

One of the more iconic traits that I’m sure we all remember is the purple ‘Friends’ door frame, which popped into my head after hearing about Mathew Perry’s passing. 

In recent years, African cinema has gained popularity with global audiences not only driving compelling narratives and showcasing our vibrant culture. As an experienced interior designer. I find myself irresistibly drawn to the depiction of spaces in these films — the infusion of a modern African identity into interior design within the cinematic realm is a captivating journey that often thrills me.  

I cannot discuss African cinema without mentioning the ground-breaking film “Black Panther.” Set in the fictional African nation of Wakanda, the film blends traditional African elements with futuristic technology. The breath-taking design and architectural marvels of Wakanda, from the royal palace adorned with tribal motifs to the vibranium-powered skyscrapers, showcase a harmonious fusion of ancient African aesthetics and cutting-edge design. As an interior designer, witnessing such a vibrant portrayal of African culture fuels my passion for creating spaces that resonate with heritage and modernity.

In Nollywood, movies like “The Wedding Party” offer a glimpse into opulent mansions overlooking the bustling city of Lagos. The luxurious interiors with functional and well-planned spaces, intricate interior design detailing, adorned with exquisite artworks, rich fabrics, and traditional artefacts reflect the grandeur of Nigerian architecture and interior design. These films celebrate the elegance of African spaces, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the intricacy of colours, patterns, and textures while also highlighting the practicality and usefulness of the spaces that embody Africa’s unique design philosophy,  that define the continent’s design ethos.  

In “Queen of Katwe,” the intimate spaces of a Ugandan slum contrast sharply with the grandeur of the chess tournaments, offering a poignant visual narrative of socio-economic disparity.  The film captures the essence of African aesthetics and showcases the continent’s diverse cultural heritage and artistic traditions.  

My fascination with African cinema goes beyond entertainment; it serves as a wellspring of inspiration. The meticulous attention to detail, the cultural richness, and the seamless integration of traditional elements with contemporary design principles echo the very essence of my craft. Every scene is a display of the power of interior design and architecture to shape spaces that tell stories. Even the depiction of slums in African cinema holds a wealth of cultural richness and inspiration that never fails to amaze me.  

At Creative Studios Limited, we’re fascinated by the intricate narratives woven within the sets of iconic movies and TV shows. The thoughtful design of these spaces, ranging from luxurious mansions to cosy apartments, exquisite hospitality venues and corporately branded offices, becomes an essential part of the story, shaping characters and enriching the viewer’s experience. 

If you’re interested in creating your own captivating narrative within your living space, consult our expert team at Creative Studios Limited to manifest your vision into reality. Our dedicated professionals are passionate about translating your ideas into beautifully designed environments. Let’s collaborate to create a home that not only reflects your unique personality and values but also contributes to a greener planet through sustainable design practices.

Reach out to us at: +255 222772270 or email us at, and let the journey to your dream space begin. Together, we can craft a home that tells your story, where every element is meticulously curated to reflect your individuality and enhance your daily experiences. For more information and to explore our portfolio, visit our website at .

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